LPO Meeting in Hindmarsh

Matt Williams MP and Senator Anne Ruston meet with LPO Licensees

On 12/06/2015 a group of LPO Licensees met with Matt Williams MP and Senator Anne Ruston at Matt's office in Glenelg East.

The meeting hosted by Matt allowed Licensees to interact with the chair of the Environment and Communications standing Senate Committee. As Australia Post periodically reports to the committee for Senate Estimates and has been the subject of a Senate Inquiry, it was a fantastic to hear about the ongoing progress the Committee was making following the publication of the final report.

As one of the Licensees who attended the meeting, I would like to thank both the Senator and Matt Williams very much for the opportunity. I know Matt has taken an active interest in small business interests since he took office and arranging this meeting was an excellent example of that.

Matt Williams also spoke about the meeting in Parliament 18/06/2015 (summary | hansard)

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